2014 version 3.3 available now with all CIVA 2014 revisions for Flying Orders, plus the new IAC HZ.

ACRO is quick and easy to use, offering all scoring regimes from IAC raw-grades with their new HZ to the latest CIVA FairPlay statistical methodology. The software includes a separate comprehensive Help system, page-tuned to each form. ACRO provides great reporting flexibility for printed, Excel and web output, a photo editor, thorough FPS judging analysis, over 200 international / team flags, web index creation with full page construction and ftp upload for all your contest results with scores-linked Pilots Score Sheets that now include mini-sequence diagrams, in fact absolutely everything you should need to support club, national and international aerobatic events at all levels.

   To get ACRO running in your PC

Click the green [Download ACRO now] button to obtain the new ACRO Installer. When the download is complete double-click the new file ("ACRO_04-01-14_install.exe" or similar) or right-click and 'Run' it to install the new version.

If you already have ACRO installed on your computer the installer will update your software and leave all of your existing contest, work-files, pilot-photos and settings completely intact.

There will now be a new shortcut on your Desktop to run the ACRO scoring programme.

You can also start ACRO by double-clicking the contest filename in Explorer ('some-filename.ctf') or right-click the file and use the "Open" command from the pop-up menu.

Contest files with the .ctf suffix are recognisable in Explorer by their ACRO logo ....

ACRO Output : CIVA and UK example web pages : Contest File archive : PDF's from ACRO : Getting help

 ACRO Printed Output Format Help and Explanations
 These pdf files can also be reached from the Help menu in the ACRO software
 Check the CIVA international results web for examples of ACRO's typical web output
 ACRO is used at most World and European championships
 The British Aerobatic Association uses ACRO at all UK events
 Check-out the BAeA's results pages - all the contest results tables are built directly from ACRO
 Archive store of ACRO .ctf data files from past UK and other national / international contests
 Here's an archive of ACRO contest files - please send us the files from your contests to add to this store!
 Making PDF's directly from ACRO's print output
 Use a PDF printer driver to do this - we recommend "PDF reDirect v2" to make this task easy

 Scorers Basic Guide for using ACRO at CIVA Championships
 A comprehensive guide to the correct operation of ACRO at a CIVA Championship event
 What to do if you need some extra help while using ACRO
 Help systems, back-ups, and getting in touch with Exploit Design

 How to establish a Contest Box using Google earth
 Provides a standard graphic overlay and full instructions to put a 1km box onto a Google Earth area
   Create an accurate CIVA standard Contest Box graphic
Establish a Contest Box Overlay using Google Earth
 Full instructions and a CIVA box graphic file to establish a contest box wherever you want
   Keeping your ACRO software up-to-date
ACRO automatically checks for updates every time it starts provided you're online - just follow the instructions. You do NOT have to uninstall ACRO before you do this. Your existing ACRO contest, log, work-files, photographs and support files will all remain safe and untouched.
ACRO is a Microsoft .NET Framework application created using Windows Visual Studio. During the installation process the Installation Wizard should check that your Microsoft Windows™ .NET Framework is current, and if necessary will carry out all necessary upgrades by accessing the internet and fetching/installing the required material. This could mean a several-MB download from Microsoft, depending on the current status of the .NET Framework that is installed in your pc.
If you do have problems operating the software this may be due to the currency of your computer's VB.NET support software. You can download and install the most recent version of the Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package separately - this is available from the link below:
Download ACRO now




ACRO:  the best ...
erobatic Contest
  Results Organiser
Ver-3.3 15-04-14
ACRO is a complete FAI / CIVA approved solution for
scoring, results and web publication at national and
international power and glider aerobatic events.
ACRO is .NET compatible with all versions of Windows™
The ACRO System
Try the ACRO Help system to see WHAT the software does, HOW it does it and WHAT it can do for you.

ACRO Development Log
ACRO detects updates via the web.
Check the ACRO Development Log to see if a later build is available.